Jobs and Economic Development:

   "We need to continue responsible and sustainable development focusing on the revitalization of the former Bethlehem Steel site and bring good family sustaining jobs to the city."


   "Bethlehem is a city of neighborhoods each with their own unique character. We need to focus on the important quality of life issues and deliver good basic services to ensure we stay strong."

Fiscal Responsibility:

   “We need to balance our budgets and continue to live within our means. By holding the line on taxes we can ensure that Bethlehem remains affordable for families and a competitive place for business.” 

"Bethlehem has become one of the best mid-sized cities in the country. I am committed to dealing with the issues and decisions that need to be made in the future to keep our city on Money Magazines Top 100 Places to Live and Fortune Magazines Top 100 Places to Start a Business.”

-Bryan Callahan