I am truly honored to receive the endorsement of Equality Pennsylvania. Of the 6 Bethlehem City Council Candidates, only two candidates, myself and Karen Dolan, were endorsed by the State wide group, Equality Pennsylvania. I will work everyday to ensure that every resident and citizen of Bethlehem and our Commonwealth is treated with dignity and equality.

I am also proud to be endorsed by Bethlehem Area School District Board Members Basilio Bonilla and Aurea Ortiz. Educating our city’s children is our highest priority.

"I am really proud to be selected by reporter Jon Geeting as the second highest rated Bethlehem City Council candidate. Congratulations to Councilwomen Karen Dolan for being the top rated candidate".

I am very happy to be endorsed by the Lehigh Valley Labor Council. Ensuring good jobs that pay wages that can support the families of Bethlehem will be one of my top priorities.